Mold Remediation

This course is designed to address the heightened awareness about the presence of mold.  The first two days of training address topics which include:

  • Fungi and Bacteria;
  • Causes of Mold
  • Health Effects
  • Special Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Mold Remediation Work Practices
  • Sewage Remediation

The students will take a 50 question exam at the end of the first two days.  Satisfactory completion of the course will entitle the student to a Mold Technician Certificate. 

A third day of training is available for individuals that will serve as the supervisor on mold remediation projects.  Topics include:

  • Documentation
  • Supervisor skills
  • Evaluation of work practices
  • Sampling methodologies
  • Interpretation of lab results

 The students will take a 50 question exam at the end of the third day.  Satisfactory completion of the third day will entitle the student to a Mold Supervisor Certificate.


Mold Remediation Refresher 

The mold remediation refresher course is a one day program designed to review important concepts presented in the initial mold remediation course.  Topics include but are not limited to special equipment, work practices, and the use of personal protective equipment.  In addition, an update is provided to the student on new technologies and products that have emerged over the past year.