AHERA Accredited Management Planner Course 


This EPA / Cal OSHA accredited program is a two-day comprehensive course designed to provide the mechanism to prepare the EPA / Cal OSHA required Management Plan. This course requires satisfactory completion of the Building Inspector course as a prerequisite. Participants will take the information obtained during the building inspection, complete a hazard assessment, determine appropriate abatement responses and write the management plan, accordingly. Special emphasis will be directed towards Operations and Maintenance procedures commonly used in facilities. Certification as a Management Planner is awarded upon successful completion of a 50-question exam on the last day.  Specific course content includes:


  • Interpretation of Building Survey Results
  • Evaluation of Building Survey Results
  • Response Actions
  • Legal Considerations for the Management Planner
  • Abatement Options
  • Record Keeping
  • Assembling and Submitting the Management Plan
  • Financing

The student will have the opportunity to review an Asbestos Management Plan. The plan will be prepared in accordance with AHERA requirements. The students will be required to incorporate different response options/procedures as presented throughout the class.


AHERA Management Planner Refresher 


This 4-hour course is based upon the requirements of the EPA / Cal OSHA and State of California Division of Occupations Safety and Health. This course is required yearly to maintain certification as an Asbestos Management Planner. The course is a review of important concepts presented in the initial course. In addition, regulatory changes that have occurred or proposed changes currently before the state legislature or congress are addressed. State of the Art work practices are also discussed throughout the day. Training is accomplished through lectures, use of audiovisual aids, and class discussion.