In 1986 Design For Health Training Center began to present the U.S Environmental Protection Agency AHERA training programs.  We have developed and presented OSHA training to meet the diverse needs of our client base.  Our instructors have many years of environmental,  hazardous materials, and construction safety experience.  

Our Staff


Virginia L. Shefa

With a background in Nursing and Occupational Injury and Illness it was a natural transition into environmental consulting and training. Establishing nearly thirty years of experience including asbestos, lead, mold, indoor air quality, hazardous materials and construction safety, Virginia Shefa brings a plethora of related information to the classroom. Her recognition of the needs of the students has been instrumental towards the success of Design For Health Training Center in presenting the material in an interesting and meaningful manner. Extensive field experience as a consultant and General Contractor allows presentation of material in a manner meaningful to the student including commercial, residential, educational, industrial or military sites and locations. Working closely with regulatory agencies has enhanced her understanding and ability to communicate the regulations that impact daily work practices revolving around environmental, health and safety issues. Her philosophy is every student is important and should have the opportunity to learn what is required to conduct work practices in a safe and efficient manner.

Clients such as U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps, State of California, cities, counties, universities, hospitals, schools and various commercial and industrial sites from all around the United States have utilized our environmental training to meet strict training requirements of regulatory agencies. 

Our training programs are presented at our San Diego facility, sites around California, as well as in other states when employees are planning to work in California, Europe and Asia.

Design For Health Training Center is a certified training provider accredited by: California, the EPA and the California Department of Public Health